CS222: Wireless and Mobile Systems

Fall 2017, Lecturer: Zhice Yang, Schedule

This site only hosts archives of course projects. These projects are freely proposed and finished by each group. For other course materials, check the egate blackboard.

Course Projects:

  • Group1: Falling Detection in Bathroom using Ultrasound Signal
  • Group2: Indoor Passive Localization System Based on the CSI [Report]
  • Group3: Acoustic Echoes Reveal Room Shape
  • Group4: Using FMCW to Measure Distance [Poster]
  • Group5: A Microphone-array Acoustic Direction Detector [Poster]
  • Group6: Millimeter Wave Behavior Recognition Platform [Report]
  • Group7: Indoor Localization (VLC) [Poster]
  • Group8: MoteScatter: Backscatter in Commercial IoT Devices [Poster]
  • Group9: DophinAttack [Poster]
  • Group10: Blockchain Wi-Fi Authentication [Poster]